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Locked Up in Lockdown

Join us for a new weekly webcast series 'Locked Up in Lockdown' where amidst our social-distancing, we discuss various topics with a range of guest speakers including the COVID-19 pandemic, global health, politics, economics, life in lockdown and how to stay sane while working remotely and trying to buy life's essentials.

Next Up:

Week 13

Charles Fordjour, CEO, PharmaSymbiosis. Live from Accra.

Thursday, 25 June, 10.00 hrs GMT

Dr-Charles-Fordjour-Agyemang1-300x300 ph

Week 12

Eduardo Pisani, CEO, All.Can International. Live from Brussels.

Thursday, 18 June, 10.00 hrs GMT

Eduardo picture.jpg

Week 11

Kanchana TK, former Director-General, Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India. Live from Mumbai.

Thursday, 11 June, **12.00 hrs GMT** - special time

Pic Kanchana.jpg

Week 10

Liz de Somer, Chief Executive, Medicines Australia. Live from Canberra.

Thursday, 4 June, 10.00 hrs GMT

Liz image.png

Week 9

Evan Lee, Consultant in global health, former executive & doctor with Eli Lilly, FIND and Medicines Sans Frontiers. Live from Geneva.

Thursday, 28 May, 10.00 hrs GMT

Evan photo.jpg

Week 8

Catherine Duggan, Chief Executive Officer, International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). Live from The Hague

Thursday, 21 May, 10.00 hrs GMT


Week 7

Siddhartha Prakash, Director, Shawview Consulting, India Office.

Thursday, 14 May, 10.00 hrs GMT

Siddhartha photo.jpg

Week 6

Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, Economic Consultant and Associate Professor of Health Economics, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid. Live from Madrid.

Thursday, 7 May, 10.00 hrs GMT

Jorge image.jpg

Week 5

David Taylor, Emeritus Professor of Pharmaceutical and Public Health Policy, University College London

Live from London

Thursday, 30 April, 10.00 hrs GMT

DT image.jpg

Week 4

With Danielle Rollmann, Global health consultant live from New York.

Thursday, 23 April, 10.00 hrs GMT

Danielle picture.png

Week 3

With Jayasree Iyer, Executive Director of the Access to Medicines Foundation live from Amsterdam.

Thursday, 9 April, 10.00 hrs GMT


Week 2

With Philip Davies, Consultant, former Australian senior health official, former head Fiji health department and former Deputy Chair WHO Executive Board.

Thursday, 2 April, 10.00 hrs GMT

P Davies - PS MHMS photo.jpeg

Week 1

With Sunayana Shah (FRPharmS) live from London.


Thursday, 26 March 2020, 10.00 hrs GMT

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