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What We Provide

Shawview Consulting is a specialised consulting and advisory firm for public and private sector leaders in the areas of government-business relations, policy and strategic change, with a focus on the health and pharmaceutical sectors.

Integrity. Influence. Collaboration.


Providing credible, evidence-based advice to clients on business strategy, policy development and impact analysis. We work in the biopharmaceutical and health policy space, particularly in the context of growing health markets and the adoption of universal health coverage.  Areas of expertise include health financing and economics, pricing and reimbursement, access to medicines, health technology assessment, innovation and trade policy, fiscal and budgetary policy, global business and economic trends, business ethics and compliance.

Strategy and Policy Development

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Counsel and support services in organisational change, advisory and mentoring services, team building, developing policy, economic and public affairs teams, company strategy, NGO management and leadership, and member engagement. Facilitate strategy development and prioritisation in NGO management.

Organisational and business development

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Engaging and informative presentations, speeches and panel discussions to stimulate thinking and encourage debate, providing an external perspective to your organisation’s issues. Significant public speaking experience, together with extensive media and public communications experience in explaining complex policy and political issues in common language.

Guest speaking and external events

Advisory, counselling and mentoring services to organisations and senior executives in the private, public and NGO sectors, particularly with respect to pharmaceutical policy and strategy. Areas of expertise include public policy, government-business relations, public-private sector collaboration, public affairs, change management and stakeholder management.

Advisory and mentoring services

Business Meeting
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